USHA NUTRIPRESS brings to you the new generation Cold Press Technology in India.

USHA NUTRIPRESS Juicers extract juices in the most natural way, squeezing and pressing the ingredients, at low temperature (65 RPM) to retain nutrients, instead of high speed grinding of centrifugal juicers. This process ensures that you get the highest quality of taste and nutrition, retaining as much vitamins, enzymes, and trace minerals, possible.

Beyond just fruit juices, this innovative juicer is excellent for extracting juice from hard and green vegetables, in addition to making delectable frozen desserts, and milk from nuts & grains.

The Cold Press Technology uses a highly effective motor that comes with 5 years warranty. This technologically advanced motor operates silently, as opposed to the incessant noise created by high-speed rotation of the spinning blades of centrifugal juicers.

As an organization, USHA is committed towards well-being and active lifestyle of its consumers; this commitment is reflected in all USHA products, sports associations & activations. This spirit drives us to constantly innovate our product portfolio to meet modern consumer’s demand. Launch of USHA Nutripress Cold press juicer is next big step in taking forward this commitment of ours.