1. Get your Juice ingredients ready, before plugging in the Juicer’s power cord into an outlet.
    • Hard Vegetables: Slice hard vegetables prior to juicing to avoid putting excess strain onto the motor.
    • Greens: Fibrous ingredients like spinach, celery and kale should be cut into small lengths before juicing.
    • Fruits: Cut wedges before feeding them into the juicer. Also remove seeds, if any.
    • Desserts: Use frozen fruits, after thawing them.
    • Nuts: Soak nuts and grains in cold water prior to juicing.
  2. Press the ON button to operate only after inserting few ingredients into the feeding tube.
  3. Insert the prepared ingredients one piece at a time.
  4. Use the smart cap to make mixed juices, smoothies and to stop juice from dripping, or for a quick rinse between different juices. You can create mixed juices by keeping the smart cap closed during juicing.
  5. After juice and pulp are completely extracted, switch the unit OFF.

To explore the various other features of the NUTRIPRESS Juicer download the manual.